The Best 24/7 Towing Calgary Has to Offer 

When you need the most reliable towing Calgary has to offer, contact us. For the best choice in local towing service providers, you can always depend on our staff.

The Best Calgary Tow Truck Near Me Services

Tow Truck Near Me services are in high-demand. No matter how busy we are, you can count on us for the fastest response times. 

From standard tow truck near me services to roadside assistance, you can rely on us. Our 24-hour availability ensures that you’re never alone.

Call us when your commute gets derailed by a pothole or worse. Our helpful drivers can assist you with tow truck near me services. 

Make sure you give your vehicle the most trusted team available.

Call us at Calgary Towing Service at the first sign of trouble.


When you need to tow your vehicle or need emergency roadside assistance in Calgary, look no further than Calgary Towing Services. Whether your vehicle was in an accident, ran out of fuel, or you need a battery jump start, Calgary Towing Service is a reliable towing company in Calgary, Alberta, offering 24/7 emergency towing and roadside assistance.


We have trained towing experts for all types of towing, such as flatbed towing service for inoperable vehicles after an accident, cutting edge tow trucks with modern equipment for heavy duty towing, motorcycle towing and exotic car towing services. Do you wonder how much it costs to hire professional towing services in Calgary? We promise to deliver exceptional towing at reasonable prices. Request your free towing estimate online.

Roadside Assistance

You may think you save more by hiring cheap tow truck Calgary providers, but they often don’t offer roadside assistance. Instead, we provide more ways of getting your car up and running again, all at affordable pricing for every call.

Ignition Key Extraction

Not all trucking companies in Calgary offer drivers a way of getting your vehicle’s door unlocked, leading to higher service costs. Before you hire an expensive car locksmith, Calgary Towing Service provides affordable ignition key extraction for any vehicle.

Heavy Duty Towing Near Me

Construction equipment, oversized trucks, shipping vehicles, and more, need a specialty towing driver to get them off the road quickly. Contact us today as the preferred heavy-duty tow truck service that Calgary, AB residents rely on the most for oversized vehicles.

Medium Duty Tow Truck Service

Many types of cars and trucks fall under the “medium duty” designation, but not all towing businesses use a flatbed truck. When you want to know that your vehicle remains safe and sound, call our team for your needs today.

Recovery Calgary Towing Service​

Deep potholes, growing snowbanks, icy roads, and more hazards can quickly cause your vehicle to lose control and get stuck. We can promptly hoist out any car, truck, or other machine with ease, no matter where they are disabled.

Light Duty Car Towing Company​

Many types of car towing service providers don’t offer ways of moving a light-duty consumer vehicle off of the road. Whether you have a motorcycle, smaller car, or other light duty machines, you can still count on us today.

Flatbed Towing Company

Flatbed towing remains more than just a style of truck. It works for many service applications and sometimes is the only viable solution. We offer a flatbed tow truck for wreckers, larger vehicles, and for any other request that you may have now.

Fuel Delivery Service​

Running out of fuel remains one of the more embarrassing things that could happen to you out on the road. Before you hire someone else for a tow, we can bring the gas to your location, getting you back safely.

Battery Boost​

Sometimes, the remedy to your problem is a quick battery jump start to get engines going, but who offers it? Our roadside assistance solutions include a professional battery boost that safely jumps your car, getting you to your next destination.

Towing Services in Calgary You Can Trust

Whether you experience mechanical issues or a traffic accident you can call us.  

When you need the best in 24-hour towing solutions, you can always rely on us for: 

Whatever the reason for your call, from towing a car, a truck, or heavy-duty vehicles, you can call us anytime.

Cheap Calgary Towing Companies

One-Stop-Shop For All Your Auto Emergency Needs

We have a remarkable towing crew at Calgary Towing Service that abides by the auto transport regulations in Alberta. With our fleet of modern tow trucks, we are available when you need quick and reliable towing services.


Be it local or long distance; we can tow a vehicle safely. When you call us, our experienced towing agent decides what kind of tow truck you need to tow your vehicle. At Calgary Towing Service, our dedicated towing team is responsive and available anytime and anywhere in Calgary.

Calgary towing
towing Calgary
towing Calgary
towing Calgary

Reliable Emergency Towing Calgary

When you drive through Calgary, AB, your vehicle encounters many different road conditions.

Eventually, you’ll need a reliable towing Calgary company to assist you with breakdowns. But many drivers don’t know who to call.

While you can find plenty of companies that provide towing Calgary services, how do you know which offers the best value?

Choosing the team behind Calgary Towing Service means you receive technicians with over 20 years of experience.

Our experienced team of professional towing

Calgary drivers continues to assist area residents with their vehicle needs every day.

Whether your car becomes stuck in the snow, out of gas, or otherwise needs help getting home, choose us today.

We guarantee affordable service options and professional technicians who know how to handle any situation you find yourself in now.

Types Of Towing Services To Offer

If your car breaks down, you will need assistance as soon as possible. If you don’t have enough time to research multiple towing companies, trust Calgary Towing Services. We serve as a one-stop-shop for all your towing needs and can assure you that our prices are reasonable. 


Truck Towing Services

If your truck has become inoperable on Trans-Canada Highway, Deerfoot Trail, or elsewhere near Calgary, our professionals can offer the best truck towing services.


Car Towing Services

Be it a hatchback, a regular sedan, or an exotic car, we have the best medium-duty tow trucks with modern equipment.


Emergency Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance services are designed to support commuters with basic day-to-day concerns, including;

Flat Tires

Dead Batteries

Ignition Key Extraction

Fuel Delivery Services

Flatbed Towing

towing Calgary

Our Towing Calgary Services Are Reliable and Fast

Calgary Towing service a premier towing service in Calgary and the surrounding cities. Whatever you need in towing, may it for quick tow or more extensive services. Hence, our company is here to help you, your roadside service provider.


We have a full team of expert operators and technicians. So that is best qualified to assist you in any situation with a 24-hour towing service.


Our service starts from your first call until you and your vehicle are safe and on the road again. We make sure that you are well-taken care.

We will be there to assist and accompany you to solve your problem.

Flatbed Towing Company

Why Choose Calgary Towing Service?

Whether your vehicle is malfunctioning or you have just encountered a mechanical issue, Calgary Towing Service is here to help you. We are fast, friendly, certified & professional, which Calgarians already know. Here are some fantastic reasons to try our services;


  • 24 hour towing, seven days per week
  • Our drivers are licensed and insured to keep you safe
  • Our trucks are loaded with modern towing equipment
  • We have a lightning-fast responsive team for our calls
  • Local or long-distance; our towing costs are super reasonable
  • Fast dispatch times

Why Request a Flatbed Tow Truck?

While a professional driver should know to ask you, many customers find their cars don’t seem compatible with towing vehicles.

There are many different sizes, styles, and functions that a wrecker can take for services.

Some businesses rely on a classic hook and chain truck, while others may use the exact vehicle as repossession services.

In the end, however, these varieties don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach, leaving your car or truck at risk for damage.

Whether they scratch the body trying to make the equipment work, or your vehicle sways too far. When you use a flatbed towing truck, on the other hand, you can tow any vehicle.

You can even haul larger frames, makes, and models, and the hydraulic bed makes loading them simple each time. Choose our team and request flatbed trucks.

Light Duty Car Towing Company

Experienced Towing Company Calgary

When you find yourself stranded along Highway 2, you don’t want someone who just received their license hauling your car. In addition to securing your vehicle, navigating through traffic with it strapped to our back takes concentration and service experience.


For over two decades, our staff has assisted more area drivers through more accidents, breakdowns, flat tires, and other hazards. From distracted summer tourists to winter snow mounds trapping your car after losing control, we always have an affordable solution.


Since 1999, our expert team has seen it all while we remain out on the road 24-hours a day. No one knows the local streets better than our drivers, and we come prepared for any repair options you need.


Great towing company with excellent service. They show up on time. if you're ever stuck and need help asap, call Calgary Towing Service.
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Sem Salamat
The arrival time was nice and not bad pricing. They changed my battery and got us going again! Great service!
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Cedrick Laurente
The team were very courteous and responded quickly. They also kept me up to date on how close the truck was. I will continue to recommend them, and use them in the future, whenever I need.
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Francis Ace

Mission and Vision


The mission of our company is to provide quality towing and rescue services, in a safe, and timely form. As well as, using an industry the best equipment and expert trained drivers. Our expert staff committed to meet every rare challenge with our new high-grade equipment. As well as, industry-specific software and countless years of towing experience.


To be the best and trusted towing services not only Calgary but the whole country of Canada. With a trademark of All in one towing service in quick service. This is what we want why we have our company build. We build with love and honesty.

24-Hour Towing Company

It isn’t always clear which  tow truck companies in Calgary provide 24-hour a service making your situation that much more stressful. We operate 24/7  so you can breathe easier choosing us, knowing that our drivers never stop providing service to the community all day long.

24-Hour Towing Company
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