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Towing a car or personal vehicle is a common event and many of us have seen a car, SUV, minivan, or other regular vehicle being towed away using specialized equipment. Semi-trucks also require towing at times. Towing semi-trucks have their own set of complexities that need to be handled by an expert and reliable semi truck towing near me Calgary CA

Do you need to tow a disabled single-axle trailer or a semi-tractor? It is recommended to contact a professional and local heavy-duty towing expert such as Calgary Towing Service. Contact us for a free towing quote.


Heavy-duty towing in Calgary CA

Every day, multiple types and sizes of heavy-duty vehicles enter and leave Calgary CA. When the number of huge trucks and big cars on the road increases, so does the demand for competent heavy-duty towing services. When operating a huge vehicle, incidents like breakdowns, accidents, and rollovers are bound to happen.


Our heavy-duty tow trucks at Calgary Towing Service are massive & strong and can be used to tow almost all vehicle types. These heavy-duty trucks are equipped with enhanced recovery mechanisms and towing power that can do the job even in the most challenging heavy-duty towing.

Best semi-trucks towing service near me

Towing semi-trucks, tractors, and trailers can be risky, and successful operations require expert knowledge and experience. To avoid damage to your valuable vehicle, it is highly recommended that you only use the services of a heavy-duty towing service provider with highly qualified tow truck drivers.

What is a heavy-duty tow truck

Heavy-duty tow trucks are commonly referred to as “wreckers” because they frequently transport “wrecks,” or vehicles that have been severely damaged as a result of car accidents or other disasters.


A heavy-duty tow truck is specifically designed to transport exceptionally large vehicles. A heavy-duty wrecker, like other tow trucks, is designed to carry a disabled vehicle from point A to point B without having to drive it. Instead, it is towed behind the tow truck or hauled on the vehicle’s flatbed.

How much does towing a semi-truck cost?

Almost all towing companies charge an hourly rate to tow a semi-truck. But that hourly rate can vary substantially depending on where you are in the country. The time it takes to get a tractor-trailer upright after a rollover might vary substantially. 


For example, a trained operator might take less than an hour to handle an empty truck that has rolled over on an embankment and only needs a little tug to get it back on its wheels. For a fully-loaded vehicle sitting mostly upside down in a large ditch or ravine, it may take 8+ hours.

Call (587) 208- 3780 for a top-rated semi-truck towing in Calgary CA

Our heavy-duty towing trucks at Calgary Towing Service are well-equipped with 50 tons of wreckers and we can handle any job.

Call (587) 208- 3780 if you want a top-rated semi-truck towing in Calgary CA.

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