Do you have excess items to stock in your new locations and you have no time to sort it out? Stress-free we are your answer to your needs. Our company has been in the industry for more than a decade. And keeps on moving families and companies in the different destination in Calgary and other provinces of Alberta. Our focus on each service that we offer is to meet each customers service satisfaction. That is why our workers and drivers are approachable able to ask anything they need during the moving. They are punctual because we know how stressful to move from one place to another.   For our storage services, we have a big and wide warehouse that we can meet all the items that they need to keep with us. We offer different period of storage terms or depends on your preferred period. With an additional fee, we deliver your items to a temporary storage facility where they will place in secure storage containers. And they protected from loss or damage. As our workers leave your home or office items packed in their original moving cartons to lessen handling. Your furniture protected from dust and dirt with stretch wrap then stored on specially designed racks. We also allow keeping your cars, boats, trailers. As well as, motorcycles and other vehicles are also stored inside. We keep them protected from the elements.   Our company promises that our warehouse will not let you down. We have security regularly inspected and graded. Hence, with our own quality inspectors against our stringent World-Class commitment guidelines. Hence, if our facility does not meet our standards, it does not meet your property.

We make sure safe and secure storage by:

  • We give clean, secure, climate-controlled storage facilities.
  • With the use of secure storage containers to protect your items from loss or damage.
  • We make sure to leave your household items in original cartons to minimize handling.
  • You upholstered furniture is stored in a stretch wrap on special racks.
  • We shelter your cars, boats, trailers, motorcycles, and other vehicles inside our facilities.
  • With regular inspection and grading of the warehouse by our own quality inspectors.

Short Term Storage

Other customers take possession of their new house or office a day or a few days after they leave their old home or office. The company we give short term storage solutions. Our workers will work with you to make your moving and storage experience as streamlined and as swift as possible.

Long Term Storage

Our services are tailored to fit your moving needs. Our workers can move your furniture and store it for any period of time as per your needs. You can give us a call and speak to one of our expert movers. About when to pick up the perfect storage solutions for your boxes and furniture.   We take pride in our services because we want our customers to stay with us and meet all their needs.