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Car trouble is stressful, especially when it happens at the worst possible time, leaving you stranded on the road. Whether you need emergency towing (24-hour towing), jump start, a flat tire change service, or long-distance towing service, you need a tow truck service Calgary CA you can trust. 

We at Calgary Towing Service understand that the most important thing for you is to have a tow truck as soon as possible and at an affordable price. Contact us if you need affordable towing and tow truck drivers for all your towing needs.


Towing services and roadside assistance

Some car towing jobs are more complex than others, such as towing a car off the highway to an auto repair shop. In that case, Vehicles need to be recovered off the main path. 

If a regular tow truck is used to tow a car that has stuck on the road, it may become trapped as well. Our professional towing services deploy powerful tow trucks in Calgary CA to offer top-rated towing and roadside assistance services.

The best tow truck near me

The services of a tow truck near me are high in demand. You can always count on a certified operator such as Calgary Towing Service to respond quickly.


You can count on us for everything from regular tow truck near me services to top-rated towing and roadside assistance services. You’ll never be alone with us because we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the cheapest way to have my car towed?

Light-duty towing service from Calgary Towing Service is the cheapest way to have your car towed. In addition to providing roadside assistance, our light-duty tow truck can lift your car out of the ditch.

What is the cost to tow a car in BC?

The cost of a tow is determined by several factors, including where you live, the distance your car needs to be taken, the type of vehicle being towed, and the towing company you hire. Regardless of how far your car needs to be towed, towing companies will always charge a minimum rate, known as a hookup fee, even if you only need to be towed a mile.

When you need the most affordable quote for towing a car, Calgary Towing Service is a dependable car towing company serving Calgary CA, and nearby communities.

Give us a call today at (587) 208- 3780 if you need a reliable 24*7 towing

When you choose Calgary Towing Service, you are getting specialists with more than 20 years of experience.

Give us a call today at (587) 208- 3780 for reliable 24*7 towing and roadside assistance services anywhere in Calgary CA.

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